Grayworth Debenture Plan

Debentures is a debt instrument used by companies and government
to issue loan at a fixed rate of interest for growth and expansion.
(PART A-PARTVII Section 166 CAMA 1990)

Benefits Of Grayworth Debenture Plan

  • It is a product that offers investment options for a fixed period with attractive returns. The Plan is aimed at helping you accumulate a Lump sum of money over a specified period

  • Up to 30% bonus at the end of plan year for a duration not less than 60 months( i.e 10% of the first profit is paid at the year ending say 1, 15% for plan of 2 years, 20% for plan of 3 years, 25% for plan of 4 years and 30% for a plan of 5 year. If the same client terminates at 12 month and repurchased our debenture stock to earn another 10%, he shall not be paid.

  • Accumulated Value of invested fund stated in the schedule, subject to the plan terms and conditions.


Grayworth Debenture Plan

This plan enables the debenture holder to save a single lump sum for future target or obligation as well as provide elements of protection for the dependents in the event of death within the agreed period.

This is a savings and investment plan, where interest accrues over the duration of the plan. The account balance at any point in time is calculated as premium paid plus interest accrued to the statement date. Interest credited in each calendar year is determined at the end of the year and may change from year to year.

How It Works

  • Whilst your contribution is guaranteed, there shall be surrender
    penalties applicable on interest earned when you do not hold the plan to the contracted maturity date.

  • Deposit on this plan is a single payment with a minimum of N200,000. Holders can pay any amount above this minimum( e.g. N250,000, N620,000, N1,005,000 and so on). The minimum term for the fund is 1 year. The higher the amount and the longer the duration of the plan, the higher the interest of the plan.

  • A debenture holder with N500,000 for 1 year term will have an interest of 18% annually. If the same holder has a duration of 5 years, the interest could go up to 20% annually


Other Features Of Grayworth Debenture Plan

Age Requirement

  • Minimum age at entry shall be 18 years.
  • The legal age to enter a contract in Nigeria is 18 years old. Calculation of the age of a proposer for many contracts(Insurance) is based on the principle of Age Next Birthday (ANB). A holder’s age is the one following the current surpassed age. In conventional term, when asked our age we use Age Last Birthday.
  • In Most Life Assurance Products, Age Next birthday is used to calculate Premium. It is okay to collect Age Last birthday. The office application does the necessary computations


  • Lump sum payment
  • Guaranteed return on investment
  • Multiple plan can be purchased
  • Bonus enhance the returns


At maturity, full account balance becomes payable


  • 75% of interest earned

Payment Method/Frequency

  • Only single payment are allowed for this product. For (multiple payment) the plan will not commence until payment is complete
  • Electronic Fund Transfer to a nominated Grayworth bank account.
  • Direct Debit
  • Cheques
  • Any e-payment, in respect of this plan, that is not properly referenced will not be credited until Grayworth has reconciled its accounts.

Partial Withdrawal

  • Partial withdrawal is not allowed on this plan
  • A partial withdrawal is a withdrawal from the account balance, like a withdrawal from a normal bank savings account, which does not attract any charge but only reduces the account balance.
  • Partial Withdrawals are no longer allowed because Grayworth
    may make losses on the invested fund. However, partial
    surrenders have now been introduced to replace partial
  • Partial surrenders work the same way as partial withdrawals but are charged. They are charged the same way as surrenders.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum price of your debenture plan?
₦200,000 is the minimum
Can I request for my money if I don’t want to stay till the maturity of the plan?

Yes, you can. Just notify us 30 days ahead. Your account balance less surrender charges becomes payable.

Can I invest just for 3 months?

The minimum term is 1 year

Are there extra benefits as a debenture holder?

If you buy a debenture worth ₦3million and choose a term more than 5 years, you can enjoy 10% of your first return up to 30%

Can I earn dividends?

Debenture holders are Company’s creditor, and enjoys interest only.

How guaranteed is my return?

CAM Act 1990 guaranteed debenture holders their interest, company’s loss or gain notwithstanding.

Where do you investment my money?

We invest our money in Insurance, Treasury Bill, Agriculture, Real Estates ETC

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