Grayworth Guaranteed Food Plan

This is intended to provide household needs for the expected lifespan of the client thereby dispels the worries of monthly budgeting on feeding or household needs.

Benefits Of Guaranteed Food Plan

  • Reduce the hassles of household budgeting

  • Reduce or eliminate Shopping Stress
  • Affords ones needs regardless of market prevailing prices
  • It avoids taking substandard consumables
  • Needs be provided on the rated cash value calculated for monthly payout based on the benefit


Guaranteed Food Plan

 This plan is uniquely designed to provide home needs in terms of food stuffs and household toiletries at discounted or totally free on monthly or quarterly basis for life.

How It Works

  •  Client purchase their suitable category

  • The category value is calculated over the number of years and months chosen e.g A plan of N2,000,000 value purchased for 5 years. For a monthly payment. Hence to get his monthly payments; 2,000,000/5 equals N400,000 yearly further divided by 12 months equals N33,333.33 monthly OR Since 5years equals 60 months hence N2,000,000/60 equals N33,333.33
  • At the maturity the client begins to enjoy the benefit calculated at the prevailing rate applicable for life
  • Assuming the prevailing Grayworth rate is 7% then the client will enjoy Home needs worth N70,000 monthly for life


Other Features Of Guaranteed Food Plan

Age Requirement

Minimum of 18yrs.


  • When the client stops contributions/payments, Grayworth shall keep the account active only for the period of 30days after which the days (30) of grace begins to count.
  • The plan shall lapse after grace period, payments made during the
    grace period shall attract 5% of the contribution and payments during
    the lapse days shall attract 10% of payments owed and 5%
    reinstatement fee.
  • Client shall be notified of their due obligations at the beginning of the
    grace period, Lapse Period, and Automatic termination.
  • Automatic termination of contract occur if payment are not paid
    within 180 days or 6 months after they are due.

Guaranteed Period

  • Minimum guaranteed period is 5 years/ 60 months
  • Maximum guaranteed period is 10 years/ 120 months
  • If client dies within the guaranteed period the beneficiaries enjoys the benefits till the expiration of the guaranteed period.
  • Should the client die after the guaranteed period, the beneficiaries has no benefits from the plan and the plan ceases to exist.
  • Beneficiary will only benefit from GRAYWORTH needs delivery and not cash surrender


The total account balance becomes payable less administrative charges at anytime before the benefit payout stage

Payment Method/Frequency

  • Payments can be made monthly, quarterly, semiannually, or annually. Monthly and quarterly payments are to be made through direct debits.
  • Cash payment is only acceptable when made directly at any Grayworth branch or nominated bank accounts and receipted for immediately.
  • Cheques, direct debit, Electronic Fund Transfer or to a nominated Grayworth Bank Account.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can my family enjoy this benefit on my death?

Yes, they can if death is within the guaranteed period or the extra guaranteed period procured at inception.

Can I buy more than one plan?


Can I increase the guaranteed period?

Yes, you can, 50% of your plan value will give you additional 60 months or 5 years guaranteed period.

How will the food be supplied to me?

It’s according to your specifics, and to your door step.

How will your company know the food I want for the month?

You can shop on our online store or call us to shop for you.

Can I still enjoy the service if I relocate?

As long as your relocation is within Nigeria you will continue to enjoy our service.

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